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Submit your own personal poem or artwork and have it displayed on the website!

Help Stanley Strawberry find his to way to the Snack Pals party through an interactive maze.

“Reusing and recycling materials like plastic is a big part of living a sustainable lifestyle because it helps conserve energy and preserve natural resources–both of which help our planet.”

“A healthy environment ensures creatures big and small can live safe and sound. One of the ways you can help keep the environment healthy is to live sustainably. This means reducing waste to ensure that all humans, animals, plants, and Pals can thrive for years to come.”

Sustainable Craft Activities

The Snack Pals have some great ideas to help reuse your empty and clean Snack Pals containers by turning them into fun projects you can easily do at home. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and embrace your crafty side! When your masterpiece is complete, submit a picture of your work for a chance to be featured in the Snack Pals art gallery!