Complete the activities below to earn the WinterKids Snack Pals Badge.

Paint Your Favorite Snack Pal

Wild Blueberry Snack Attack

Wanda Watermelon’s Wild Word Scramble

Silly Snack Pals Snowflakes

Coloring Page 1

Coloring Page 2

Coloring Page 3

Coloring Page 4

Meet the Pals!

Carlos Carrot

Angie Avocado

Alicia Apple

Stanley Strawberry

Brandie Banana


Please enter each student’s first name and last initial below once they have completed all four activities to generate and download their certificate of completion for their WinterKids Snack Pals Badge.

A new certificate should be generated and downloaded for each student that completes all four activities. We encourage printing each student’s certificate so they can take it home with them!