WinterKids Badge

WinterKids and Snack Pals are teaming up for some more winter fun this year! Complete the four wild winter activities below to earn your WinterKids Snack Pals Badge. The badge is only available to earn through February 28, 2023, so it’s time to get started! Week 1 Activity Week 2 activity Week 3 Activity Week […]

Carlos Carrot Fashion Fan Badge

Carlos Carrot has a great fashion sense, and he bets you do too! Customize your very own Snack Pal using the Snack Pals Character Builder to earn this badge.

Stanley Strawberry Caring Chef Badge

Only available to earn November 1 – December 31 The fastest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach! Make a healthy holiday-inspired snack or meal for a friend or family member to warm their heart and you’ll earn the Caring Chef badge. Head on over to our recipe page for some fun holiday recipe […]

Olivia Orange Gracious Giver Badge

Only available to earn November 1 – December 31 Happy holidays! Olivia Orange is ready to help you send some festive cheer to a loved one. Create a holiday card to brighten up their day and you’ll earn the Gracious Giver badge! Click here to create your card.

Angie Avocado Energized Explorer Badge

Are you ready for the ultimate outdoor challenge?! Fuel up with Snack Pals and play outside for at least 30 minutes each day for a week and Angie Avocado will award you the Energy Explosion badge!