Celebrate Nutrition Month “Beyond the Table” with Snack Pals

“Beyond the Table” is the perfect opportunity to invite kids of all ages to learn about good nutrition in a variety of fun ways with Snack Pals.

Author: Fran Weiss,

MS, RDN, CDN, Consultant Dietitian

Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? My good pal, Maggie Mango, and I invite kids of all ages to travel around the globe with us, meet new pals and celebrate this year’s theme “Beyond the Table.” Hop on board with us as we venture off the table, travel around the world and learn interesting facts about all our Snack Pals on the hannafordsnackpals.com website.

As we stop in Southern Asia, Maggie enthusiastically welcomes us! She proudly tells us that the mango is a symbol of love in India. Receiving a gift basket of mangos is truly meaningful. Maggie is also proud of her Vitamin C superpower, which helps us bend and stretch. As we travel to Central Asian countries, Snack Pal Carlos Carrot shares some fun trivia too. He tells us that carrots are not always orange but can be purple, white and yellow too! Carlos is proud that his Vitamin A superpower helps our eyes stay healthy and strong. Maggie and Carlos encourage you to spin the globe again. All the Snack Pals from Reese Raisin to Stanley Strawberry to Becky and Bo Blueberry are waiting at each of your stops for your visit.

As we reach home, Maggie Mango, all the pals and I invite you to continue your exciting health journey. The games, challenges, craft projects and badges are all here to not only help celebrate Nutrition Month but to enjoy all through the year. Hungry for more? Getting back to the table, the Snack Pals have their “Rainbow Pizza” waiting for you. They hope you will also enjoy the many other easy-to-prepare heart-healthy recipes they share. Happy Nutrition Month!

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