Easy and Affordable Tips for Adding More Fruits and Veggies

Adding colorful produce to your family’s plate can be easy and affordable. These helpful tips ensure fruits and veggies are always on the menu.

Author: Allison Stowell,


How colorful is your shopping cart? A colorful cart means more vitamins, minerals and other “good stuff” for your family. The great news is that adding colorful produce to your family’s plate is easier and more affordable than you may realize. Here are some helpful tips that save money, reduce waste and ensure that fruits and veggies are always on the menu.

Let’s start in the produce section of your local Hannaford supermarket. Begin by taking advantage of weekly sales, then find ways to incorporate produce into your menu, school lunches and snacks. Sometimes it helps to be flexible. For example, maybe you usually roast potatoes, but if butternut squash is on sale, then try that this week. This may introduce something new into your home and add more color too. It’s also best to shop seasonally, as these fruits and vegetables will be more affordable and following the seasons encourages variety (it supports our local farms too!). Looking for another way to try something new? Pick up a Snack Pals snack box with just the right combination of fruits and veggies (sometimes along with another nutritious snack). The Snack Pal portion is perfect for introducing new flavors. Finally, reduce waste by freezing fruit and veggies that have over ripened or begun to turn before you have a chance to enjoy them fresh.

Speaking of froen fruit and veggies, did you know that you can look for some of your favorite Snack Pal friends in the frozen aisle too? Frozen produce is just as beneficial as fresh and couldn’t be more convenient to have on hand at home. The best part? They’re affordable and often on sale too. Frozen vegetables become a convenient side. Or try them in family favorites like stir fries, mac-n-cheese or fajitas. Use frozen fruit in pancake batters, smoothies, oatmeal and more. When your freezer is stocked with affordable frozen produce, you’ll add it to more meals, which means more fruits and veggies for your family!

Lastly, let’s not forget about canned and packaged fruits and veggies found right in the aisles of your local Hannaford. When you add these shelf stable options to your shopping cart, you’re ensuring that they’re on hand to enjoy “as is” or added to soups, sides, and more. Shop with Guiding Stars, and you’ll find packaged items that are lower in salt and added sugar. Look for 1,2, or 3 stars on Hannaford and Nature’s Promise products (or on the shelf tag for other brands). When you shop with Guiding Stars, you’re saving time and ensuring that you’re spending your food dollars on the most nutritious options.


It’s easy to fill your cart with an array of fruits and veggies, while still saving money. If you’re looking for more fun ways to create colorful plates, check out our Snack Pals recipes.

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