Growing Healthy: Fun Ways to Build Great Habits with Your Kids

By focusing on balanced nutrition, physical activity and proper sleep – you’ll be able to help your children establish healthy habits that last them a lifetime.

Author: Hannaford Snack Pals

Every parent dreams of raising happy, healthy kids. Believe it or not, it’s the little things you do every day that make the biggest impact. Here’s how you can weave some fun and healthy habits into your daily routine that your kids will carry into adulthood:

Make Nutrition Exciting

Who says healthy eating has to be boring? Brighten up your family meals with a rainbow of fruits and veggies. Have a little fun by letting your kids pick out something new to try each week and involve them in the kitchen from start to finish. They’ll love dressing up as little chefs and helping to create meals from our easy-to-follow recipes. It’s a delicious way to learn about good food and good health!

Get Moving Together

Activity is all about having fun! Whether it’s joining a local sports team, dancing to their favorite tunes or even racing through a homemade obstacle course in the backyard, make sure your kids get plenty of time to move. Why not shake things up with Salvador Spinach’s Bouncing Bunny Challenge? It’s packed with fun activities that’ll have everyone laughing and moving together.

Wind Down for Sweet Dreams

Good sleep is as important as good food and good fun. Establish a bedtime routine that feels more like a treat than a chore. How about swapping TV time for story time or a quiet game? Make their bedroom a cozy haven that whispers, ‘time to rest,’ helping them unwind and drift off peacefully.

Introducing these habits isn’t just about teaching your kids what’s good for them—it’s about making those lessons a fun part of every day. That way, they’re more likely to stick to them for life. So here’s to enjoying every step of this healthy journey together!

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