Play and Learn: Interactive Games that Spark Kids’ Interest in Fruits and Vegetables

Hannaford Snack Pals strives to make learning about healthy eating as fun as playtime with a well-rounded and robust catalog of games!

Author: Hannaford Snack Pals

At Hannaford Snack Pals — it’s our goal to make learning about healthy eating as fun as playtime! We’re excited to share a selection of interactive games that make fruits and veggies the stars of the show, teaching your children about nutrition in a way they’ll adore.

Arcade Thrills with a Healthy Twist:

Basket Dash: Jump into this fast-paced game where your child will scoop up Snack Pals characters in their shopping basket! It’s a race against time to catch the Pals while avoiding the pesky objects.

Ready to dash? Start Basket Dash

Boost Their Brainpower with Trivia and Puzzles:

Snack Pals Trivia & Maze: Test their knowledge with fun facts about fruits and veggies. Then, navigate the twists and turns in our maze to escape with a basket full of healthy knowledge!

Play Trivia | Play Maze

Superpower Matching Game: Match each Snack Pal with their nutritious power and discover the amazing benefits of a balanced diet.

Try the Matching Game

More Adventures Await:

The exploration doesn’t end there! Dive into our full catalog of games , ­where your little ones can:

  • Take a virtual journey to learn about global cuisines.
  • Discover their Snack Pal superhero alter ego.
  • Find hidden Snack Pals in our virtual Hannaford Supermarket.
  • Pack a virtual healthy lunch with Guiding Stars® leading the way to
    better choices.
  • And more!

Every game is an opportunity to learn more about healthy eating habits and have a blast doing it. So, let’s play, learn and grow healthier together with Snack Pals!

Remember, each game is designed to be a springboard for discussion on healthy habits. Parents, join in the fun and turn playtime into learning moments that stick. Let’s make every snack, every meal and every play session count towards a lifetime of good health.

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